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Wellness eNcompasses

a healthy body, a sound mind,

and a tranquil spirit.

Enoy the journey as you strive

for natural wellness


Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen therapy?

The Bowen Technique is an extremely gentle and complimentary, non- invasive, soft tissue remedial therapy. It facilitates the body’s healing process and may relieve physical dysfunction and pain, and can be used in preventative care. Bowen therapy works to directly impact fascia, a connective tissue that sits between the skin and the underlying structures, and the systems that move through it.


Relaxation therapy

Choose from a specially designed treatment menu to reduce stress and calm the nervous system.

All treatments have the primary focus of allowing you to switch off and truly connect with how you are feeling; with the added benefits of nourishing luxury Spa products, your skin won’t be missing out either.

iKOU skin and body products are used throughout all relaxation treatments. The products are unique in both their ingredients formulation being based on Organic and wild-harvest Australian fruit and flower extracts, the aromatherapy ‘Mind/Body’ holistic approach, and the DNA cold extraction process that keeps the ingredients so pure.

iKOU is Australian made, against animal cruelty and vegan friendly.


our mission

To support people with natural and holistic healthcare so that they can live a life free from dis-ease.